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What a failure…

This has been a mostly bad week until today, and for a while school basically went insane. I won’t be finishing this 366 project, which I truly regret. But right now I do need to adjust my priorities. Sighh, how unfortunate. At least I’ll still be posting pictures occasionally….


Mug shot. Still experimenting with my cheapo flash (which gets some pretty cool results assuming I set all my setting correctly)


Drove to the Mira Mesa Starbucks with @keylesskey after my class today. Where I ran into my classmate and his friend. Who both had actual rifles.

Note to self: Don’t get on their bad side.


Coolest truck ever. Driver was uber chill too, we had a 10 minute convo about random runs in the area d:


Poor @keylesskey, he was victim to a stupid college driver that didn’t know how to back out of a parking space with plenty of room.


Sorry about the retarded hipster tilt lol. I was playing with my camera during a red light, and when it turned green I fired a shot as I was making a left turn. And it actually came out pretty cool looking. So moral of the story? Don’t go anywhere near me when I’m in a car.


@KEYLESSKEY’S CAT IS SO ADORABLE. And today was a collage of wtf.


Almost died jaywalking across Mira Mesa Boulevard. DURING RUSH HOUR. But it was worth the food we ended up getting.


Still getting used to the cheapo flash… but it was still fun as hell


The Stig.


saw mother at starbucks!


I love how we also managed to get Bykkov addicted to Foursquared. Slippery slope man…


Thanks to this lil guy, my craptop no longer overheats from 1 round of killing floor.

Wow. Derp.

I WOULD forget the SD card in my computer. So I’ll just make up for today’s picture with tomorrow…. :P


After I bought my cheap 20 flash from MOPA, we visited Vi at UCSD! She was kind enough to give us a (mostly) full tour of her campus, and there was this awesome staircase/indoors hallways that was completely covered in graffiti. Legit.

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